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Athlete Training PROGRAM

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Yogesh Sanap Profile

Yogesh is a healthcare professional and working in Orthopaedic Implants industry for the last 10 years.

He is a BQ (Boston Qualifier) Marathoner & ultra road & trail runner.

His running achievements are as follows:

  • FM - 2 x sub 3 hrs (PB -2:58:04) 

  • SRT Ultra 3 times finisher: 2020 - 9:46 hrs/ 2021 - 8:39 hrs/ 2022 - 7:32 hrs (2300m Elevation) (PB -7:32 hrs)

  • Tata Ultra - 1 (PB -4:30 hrs)

  • The Mawla Ghati Trail ultra 75km - (4234m elevation)

  • HM PB: 1:23:43 

  • 10k PB: 39:16 minutes 

  • 5k PB: 17:21 minutes 

Yogesh has paced many national and international races successfully within a given bus timeline, and he has also paced many athletes for Half Marathon Sub90 (under 90 minutes) & and Full Marathon Sub 3:30 hrs and sub 4:00 hrs successful attempts.

Yogesh prefers to attempt high endurance treks with his technical expertise, he has finished the K2S Return (Katraj to Sinhagad): an approximate distance of 27km with an elevation gain of 2000m D+ trek under 4:00 hrs. 

He is an ultra cyclist & and secured 2 times the title of Super RANDONNEUR (BRM- SR) in cycling 🚴‍♂️ (to accomplish the SR title, athletes need to finish 200km, 300km, 400km & 600km rides under the given cut-off time).

Apart from his personal achievements in running & and cycling, he has established a long-distance running Coach (Road & Trail), and currently, 80+ athletes are training under his supervision across India.

He has trained athletes for BQ, Sub3 FM, Sub 3:30 FM, Sub4 FM, Comrades Ultra Marathon & many ultra Marathon including SRT Ultra & Tata Ultra), sub 2 HM, Sub 90 HM, Sub-40 10k, Sub20 5k.

Yogesh & and his athletes have finished many races with podium places.🏆


100 Days Athlete Training Program by Yogesh Sanap

  1. Separate Structured Training Plan for each race category: 11k, 25k, 53k & 100k

  2. We will train all participants as per their finishing time goal (for example 53km finishing under the cut-off time of 12 hrs, Sub 10:00 hrs, Sub 9:00 hrs, Sub 8:00 hrs)

  3. As all race categories of SRT Ultra have highly technical trails, we will take care of all basic needs of trail running (Landing, Posture, Uphill running & and downhill technique, Trail running gears and its proper technique).

  4. Strength Training for endurance development.

  5. Hydration and nutrition guidance for pre-during-post race.

  6. Practice on the route of the race to understand the route profile (to cover Elevation, difficult portions of the route)

  7. We’ll guide you to complete your training process as well as finish the race injury-free. 

  8. All training processes will be conducted as per the current fitness level of athletes (only realistic finish goals will be accepted as per your current fitness level).

  9. We’ll consider your future races while training for SRT Ultra (all categories), It’ll help to keep you fresh & and fit for your post-SRT Ultra running races.

  10. Lastly, the biggest benefit we’ll provide to all our participants is “Beautiful smiles on your face having the satisfaction of a strong finish!”

SRT Ultra ATP Starts from
1st September 2023.

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